Established in 1971 with the motto Aiw@yeym prm saMym our college is based on Sarvodaya Ideology. Our college aims at propagating the same to the society through our trainees. We believe in “simple living, high thinking.” Our college does not aim at developing mere professional skills among our trainees, but also to prepare sensitive and committed citizens. Hence, our college modestly contributes to the community by organizing extension services like Blood Donation and Thelesemia checking Camp, Environmental Awareness programme, Literacy programme, Red Ribbon Club and Aids Awareness programme every year. With a view to making, our trainees honour the values of democracy; our college conducts free and fair transparent election for students’ council. Our college is associated with the N.G.O ‘Yogkshem’ for the last five years, which makes our trainees aware about their human rights. Our college is well equipped as far as the technology is concerned. We possess a computer lab, science lab and psychology lab. We have developed computerized library with reprographic facilities. “Samvaad”- the alumni association of our college is very active and contributes a lot to the development of our college. Every year the members of the same take part in our social and cultural festivals. They have gifted the college a water cooler.

Our college receives considerable grant from the U.G.C, and the entire amount is spent for the development of our collage. With the help of U.G.C grant, we have furnished our college with c.c. television camera, L.C.D projector, Overhead projector, still camera, video camera, television and other small gadgets like tape recorders etc. To help the faculty members grow academically, the staffroom is provided with a computer with the printer and internet facility.

Two of our former principals Dr. N.V.Raval and Dr.J.N.Pandya remained Deans of Education faculty for a considerable time. Young and enthusiastic principal Dr. Asha Pandit is the source of inspiration for all the faculty members. The management and the principal appreciate the performance of the faculty members by honouring them with an award every year, which enhances their enthusiasm to perform even better. Research is fundamental in academic sphere and the entire teaching staff has participated in more than 90 State, National and International seminars and presented papers. We are a small family with harmonious relationship and a strong emotional bondage.